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Animal Feed - Quality and Consistency

Based on requests from our customers (Customer Driven), we carry the products and product lines that most closely match the growth and health objectives you have for your animals.

Associated Feed, Bar Ale, and Cargill-Nutrena, our chosen suppliers, provide products which we inventory for chickens, turkeys, game birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, cattle, horses, lambs, goats, and pigs.

If you are raising other animals, not mentioned above, for show, fun or profit and need feed, let us know, we'll bring the products in that fit your needs.

Some products include: Dry Cob; Wet Cob; Rice Bran; Cracked Corn; Grains; Pellets; Crumbles; Scratch; Pine Bedding/Shavings; Fatteners/Blooms; Opti-Leans; Trace Mineral Blocks; Salt Licks; Cattle Lick Mineral Tubs.

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