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Site Specific Monitoring Tools

Manage the risk on your farm or ranch by managing the layers of information that flow from precision farming today. This meanSite Specifics managing each detail of those acres of ground, the crops grown on them and the pests that attack them. Keeping track of crop and pest development through computer modeling - enables you to optimize treatments of insects and diseases, warn you of frost or irrigation needs, allowing you to run environmentally friendly and sustainable farming and ranching operations.

Use the tools that drive the data about your fields and pests to your desktop where you can plan to manage them efficiently and economically. Date includes - Site specific weather information by radio; Soil moisture monitoring; Reliable wireless data transfer; Almost real-time availability of important data; Proven disease models; Treatment recommendations; ET calculations; ... and much more!

Models tied to weather data help time spray or irrigation events when and where they are really necessary (save up to 50 % Adcon 02in water consumption and chemical applications) helping you control crop quality and yield, save energy, time and money, improve environmental stewardship and increase profitability.

Network your fields. A large variety of RTU's (Radio transmission units) and Sensors lets you monitor and transmit important information such as temperature, precipitation, wind speed and leaf wetness from selected locations.

And since the RTUs transmit this info right to your desk you can process your site-specific weather and soil data in near real-time, process it in state-of-the-art visualization software "addVANTAGE Pro" and get detailed recommendations when and where to spray and how much to irrigate.

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