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Ag Unlimited Consultants:

provide information and advice to growers and managers in many organic and non-organic agricultural crop areas:

  • Aquatic Weed Management 
  • Hay, Pasture and Cover Crops
  • Hops
  • Pears and other tree and small fruit crops
  • Turf and Ornamentals
  • Vegetable crops
  • Walnuts and other nut crops
  • Wine Grapes

Consulting and Field Scouting Services: AG Unlimited offers growers and managers the help they need to monitor changing plant and pest conditions. Our Pest Control Advisers (PCA's) and Certified Crop Advisers (CCA's) monitor a wide variety of field and crop aspects. They constantly review plant health, growth and development as well as the dynamics of pest populations, above and below ground..

Crop/Pest monitoring helps increase the efficacy of nutrient and crop protection product applications and protects or enhances crop value. Our consultinginsect-trap.pngg services incorporate Integrated Pest Management (IPM) concepts in both organic and non-organic farming operations.

AG Unlimited PCA's and CCA's are constantly attending training programs designed to make them proficient in using the latest technologies and management techniques to control pest populations and deliver balanced plant nutrition to the crops they consult in. Training continues each month throughout the year to improve product and pest knowledge, economic thresholds and application timing when the crop/pest situation calls for corrective inputs.


soilsample.pngCrop Nutrition Analysis leads to better nutrient management decisions: Another set of services which Ag Unlimited offers includes petiole, leaf, soil, water, weather sampling and analysis.

Analysis of samples are completed by such analytical labs as: A&L Western Laboratories, Inc.; AgSource Harris Laboratories, Inc. and Delavalle Laboratory, Inc.

Once samples are taken and the analysis results returned, we are able to offer growers solutions that will help them meet their yield, and quality objectives.

Devin Gordon“When I started AG Unlimited it was my goal to create an easier way for growers to farm their land with better tools, better information and softer methods for pest control and fertility management. 

AG Unlimited today is that model: we concentrate on researching, recommending and retailing alternatives to carbamates, organophosphates, known groundwater contaminants, and other environmentally sensitive materials.

We use state of the art field scouting methods and models to make our recommendations. 

All applicable ecological, cultural, and economic conditions are considered to ensure the highest rate of return for our growers. 

Our commitment to growers is to our future and ensuring that our kids will enjoy the same safe natural resources that our fathers did.”

Devin Gordon

Mike Borer“My primary area of interest is plant health and fertility. 

I enjoy developing programs that strengthen the plants ability to resist pest damage. 

Using both organic and sustainable approaches, I work to develop programs that will support fruit quality while keeping the plant healthy.

I strive for balance, not only in the plant, but in the soil as well. 

I do not recommend the use of chloride containing fertilizer. 

My approach is to be neutral or beneficial to the soil microbial population.”

Mike Boer

Bill Oldham“The Food Quality and Protection Act is forcing tremendous changes in the way that growers and their advisors address pest control issues.

Safer, more selective, and environmentally friendly pest control materials and techniques are being developed, but employing these new strategies requires the greatest attention to details such as pest and beneficial population densities, dynamics, and phenology.

Using the Adcon weather station network along with our field monitoring expertise allows your professional consultants at AG Unlimited LLC to provide the highest level of field service and advice available.”

Bill Oldham

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