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Products: Adcon Telemetry - Smart Wireless Solutions at Ag Unlmited

Precision Farming today tracks insect and pathogen development, optimizes treatments to hit insect and disease pests when and where problems arise, warn of frost, and enables producers to make sound decisions that work for the environment and toward sustainability in their farm operations.

Ag Unlimited consultants have been working with North Coast growers for many years now, supplying the products growers use to track and understand pest population development, to understand the threats and treat them at the right time and with the right products when necessary.

Adcon Weather Stations UPDATE

New feature:

If you own or rent an AG Unlimited Adcon Weather station your station is now setup to email you daily the Grape Powdery Mildew Disease Index. We are currently working on the Pear disease models (Scab and Blight) to have the same convienent service for Pear growers.


If you would like to subscribe to this feature, if you are a wine grape grower and have acerage in the vicinity of an active AG Unlimted weather station you can have access to this feature.

Rental Options:

Need a weather station in a certain cold spot for those delerious spring frost night? We can setup a temporary Weather Station to call you to alert of impending frost.

Tired of battling mildew and high spray costs? Consider having on-site disease modeling to accurately predict disease pressure. This tool can help reduce sprays to pin point risk and increase efficacy of fungicidal applications.

 Contact Nick Lupien or Mike Boer for pricing, We can offer practical solutions for your needs.


Wireless communications from the field to your desk - Integrated solutions for Agricultureadcon_weather_data_preview.jpg

  1. Agricultural Risk Management
  2. Irrigation Management
  3. Water Management
  4. Environmental Monitoring

Growers Benefit:

  • Get important information anytime, anywhere, even from remote locations
  • Support the environment with sustainable solutions
  • Save energy, time, and money
  • Improve crop yield and quality

What Adcon systems provide: adcon_pm_data_graph.jpg

  • Site Specific weather information in near real-time
  • Numerous methods for degree-day calculation
  • Frost Warnings via email/SMS Messaging
  • Disease indexes and treatment thresholds and recommendations
  • Statistical computations, like precipitation sums, temperature and humidity averages, etc.
  • User definable thresholds to trigger alarms and events
  • Customizable graphs - make them look the way you want to fit your needs by answering your questions
  • Multi-language user-interface
  • Fully web enabled - work through a web browser from any computer, from anywhere, at anytime
  • WAP interface for mobile data access

Sensors Available Include:

  1. Wind
  2. Precipitation
  3. Solar Radiation
  4. Temperature
  5. Relative Humidity
  6. Leaf Wetness
  7. Soil Moisture
  8. Irrigation

Models Provided with AddVANTAGE Pro 5 include:

  • Grape Powdery Mildew modeling
  • Grape Downy Mildew modeling
  • Grape Bunch Rot modeling
  • Apple Powdery Mildew modeling
  • Apple Scab modeling
  • Hops Powdery Mildew modeling
  • DSV TomCast and Wisdom TomCast
  • Growing Degree Days on various Degree Day Bases
  • Heating/Chilling Hours
  • Walnut Blight

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