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Ag Unlimited - North Coast California

We Invest in inventories of diverse PRODUCTS for conventional, organic and hydroponics growers.

Assuring the availability of product lines and grower resource inventories required to meet specific needs for diverse field and row crops, orchard and vineyard and organic and specialty crops throughout the North Coast of California is one of the hallmarks of how we do business.

Our conventional farm input lines include liquid dry, anhydrous and custom blended fertilizers, foliar nutrients, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, bulk soil amendments and a complete line of adjuvants and surfactants. Organic lines include OMRI, WSDA, EU and biodynamic approved product lines that include other amendments like compost, gypsum, limestone, SOP, Soil Sulfur, bone meal and blood meal.

Our seed lines include organic and conventional varieties suited to specific each geography and produce by premium seed producing companies.



Onsite fertilizer manufacturing and blending CAPACITY - a competitive edge for added value to growers.

Our ongoing investment in onsite conventional and organic crop input manufacturing and blending capacity reduces our dependency on large crop input manufactures and suppliers. This is especially important in meeting grower needs in a tight supply market, and helps us minimize price fluctuations as market conditions impact pricing. It also enables us to customize crop input blends to meet specific grower soil and crop requirements, helping to maximize grower ROI.

Our investment in crop input manufacturing and blending equipment includes high capacity volumetric fertilizer blenders at our Geyserville, Maxwell, Lakeport and Walnut Grove locations, and aqua converters at our Maxwel location.

Combined with the Tremont Group’s liquid cold mix plant, 10-34-0 reactors, aqua converter and volumetric dry blender, our investment in capacity gives us a unique competitive edge in an ever changing market place and assures we have the capacity to meet grower needs.



Our investment in bulk liquid and dry crop input STORAGE capacity is a ‘win-win” for everybody.

Our liquid and dry crop input storage capacities of over 2 million gallons and 15,000 volumetric tons respectively throughout or Lyman Group and Tremont Group operations help assure crop input supply stability and availability throughout the northern California agricultural region we serve, regardless of market supply fluctuations. 

In addition, the onsite accessibility of our crop input warehousing, storage and manufacturing facilities to the Tremont Station rail line in Dixon, CA and the Inland Terminal operation provides an essential logistical resource for maximizing our crop input, grower supply capacity and helps minimize a dependence on industry suppliers outside of our direct control.

This crop input capacity to meet individual grower needs is accessible through the strategic locations of our divisions. It’s an investment that makes for a “win-win” for our growers and our company.

Liquid Fert

Dry Fert

A strong TRUCKING transportation base is a key to our service flexibility and on-time delivery to growers.

Our investment in transportation vehicles - from truck and trailer liquid and dry fertilizer rigs to our farm delivery bobtails - provide us with another essential resource for maximizing our ag divisions’ services and added value to our growers.

Our bulk liquid and dry fertilizer trucks transport crop input to our division sites in the timely manner required to assure adequate inventories to meet grower needs in all seasons, and especially during peek crop growth season demand.

They enable us to make field drops for growers with onsite storage capacity.

Our smaller transport vehicles enable us to meet the delivery logistics for our diversified product and crop input lines to meet individual grower onsite needs.



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