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Crop Protection




Pest Management

Plant Propagation Soils Water Weather

Pest Management Resources


  1. Models: Insects, Mites, Diseases, Plants, and Beneficials - UC IPM Online
  2. UC Davis Apple IPM
  3. UC Davis Grape IPM including updates on European Grapevine Moth
  4. UC Davis Pear IPM
  5. UC Davis Walnut IPM
  6. USDA Pest Management
  7. UC Davis IPM - Pest Management: Agriculture, Floriculture, Turf - Multiple Plants Species and IPM Strategies

Equipment/Field Tools

  1. Cabella's
  2. Forestry Suppliers, Inc.
  3. Gempler's Pest Management
  4. Great Lakes IPM
  5. Rite-In-The-Rain
  6. Spectrum Technologies, Inc.
  7. Suterra
  8. Trece Inc.
Pheremone Trap

Cydia (Laspeyresia) pomonella (Codling Moth) on tanglefoot in trap


Lobesia botrana (European Grapevine Moth) in trap


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